Robin Gibb {Bee Gees} Funeral - A Final Farewell (2/2) - Rings Around The Moon [CC]

Dedicated to Bee Gees Robin Gibb 1949-2012 RIP! Sir Robin!
Bee Gees Robin Gibb ~ Rings Around The Moon. This video pay a tribute to Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) in remembering his funeral day, his final farewell to all the fans in the world (us), featuring Bee Gees "Rings Around The Moon" from their "Alone" Single. Alone is one of the hit songs of Bee Gees "Still Waters" Album with other great hits such as "I Could Not Love You More" "Still Waters Run Deep" and many more. Sir. Robin Gibb has pass away with great Honor. He is a Brillant Songwriter of our generation, He is another Great Singer dying too young.... We sure gonna miss him forever, We fly rings around the moon...Rest In Peace Sir Robin Gibb

Bee Gees - Rings Around The Moon from "Still Waters" Album,
all songs written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.
If you like my video please also check the song with "***" I have the video created in tribute to Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb as well.
RIP Robin & Maurice
Track Listing:
"Alone" -- 4:49 ***
"I Surrender" -- 4:18
"I Could Not Love You More" -- 3:43 ***
"Still Waters Run Deep" -- 4:08 ***
"My Lover's Prayer" -- 4:00 ***
"With My Eyes Closed" -- 4:19
"Irresistible Force" -- 4:36
"Closer Than Close" -- 4:34 ***
"I Will" -- 5:08 ***
"Obsessions" -- 4:43 ***
"Miracles Happen" -- 4:12 ***
"Smoke and Mirrors" -- 5:00
Bonus tracks
"Rings Around the Moon" -- 4:30 ***
"Love Never Dies" -- 4:07

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